26 December 2007


Hopwood, Birmingham


Suzanne said...

I always love how your photograph nature and this is no exception. I was taking photos of the garden the other day and it was funny because 1Pic was sitting on my shoulder saying "no, closer," "a little to your left," "a little to your right," "too much shadow..." I finally just had to tell him to shut up and leave me alone! Which he kindly did. I hope to post the pictures in the next few days, take a peek if you have time.

I just wrote a 2nd comment on my favorite photo of your...the door in the wall. I had a change of heart after seeing it again.

Gotta go my dear. Talk to you soon. You're photos are terrific. Keep up the good work!

XO Suzanne from CA

Suzanne said...

Can you tell I'm tired?! Too spelling errors and both with variations of the word "your." Apparently even my fingers are tired. Sorry! Just egnore them.


Suzanne said...

And instead of writing TWO spelling errors, I wrote TOO spelling errors. OH MY GOD!!! I'm laughing so hard. Okay, I'm actually going to proof this one!

Suzanne XO

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