25 December 2007

Frosted leaf


Suzanne said...

Well...the bull ring isn't my favorite subject simply because I love animals and think it's cruel, but this photo is gorgeous. Nice work. The photo of the car is also well done. You certainly have talent!

XO Suzanne from CA

ShutterSpy said...

Suzanne, the Bull Ring isn't actually a bull ring. Its name comes from the sixteenth century when a man named John Cooper was given the right to bait bulls there.

Birmingham has also held markets there since 1166. The baiting of bulls in this country nowadays is, as far as I know, illegal but the name still remains and the new Bull Ring shopping centre is apparently becoming very well known in Europe.

There is a large bronze statue of a bull outside the new centre which is very popular. If I have a camera with me the next time I pass it, I will try to remember to photograph it. I haven't already because it is such an obvious thing to take a photo of when you're in Birmingham city centre!

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