31 December 2007

Twigs in the ice

Darn it

A partially-darned office chair. This is now finished. If I remember, I'll post a picture of it in its completed state.

30 December 2007


(Post backdated due to illness)

29 December 2007

Model windmill

(Post backdated due to illness)

28 December 2007


Paul Witcomb playing his guitar at The Station pub, Sutton Coldfield in May 2007.

Paul Witcomb and friend Mike Bethel perfrom together as Riverman, a Nick Drake tribute band. You can view their website at www.nickdraketribute.co.uk

Don't use that...


Pot luck! (groan)

I saw this pot with a note attached outside the cash office at work. I don't know who wrote it, but I found it funny.


27 December 2007

Local Area Network


Rotunda, Birmingham city centre

26 December 2007

Baked potatoes and a drying towel


Hopwood, Birmingham

Squirrel on a bin

Glass candle holders

Coloured glass candle holders at the German market, Birmingham city centre

Lock and keys

24 December 2007

Night at the Bull Ring

The Bull Ring at night, Birmingham city centre.

Update: I've had a few people asking me why this is green. The discs aren't actually that colour, but one side is illuminated in green at night. The other side is lit in blue, with the end being purple.

20 December 2007


Closeup of one of Travel West Midlands' MCW Metrobuses. These old buses are rapidly disappearing from the fleet.

Time for lunch

(Actually, this was photographed just after midnight, not noon)


Rhinoceros photographed from a coach window a few years ago at Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabarceno, Spain

19 December 2007

Dans la cuisine

Lonely bollard

(Try saying 'solitary bollard' quickly!)

18 December 2007

St. Martin's Market

St. Martin's Market at night, Birmingham city centre.


Converse trainers under café table.

17 December 2007

Odd clocks

I found these strange clocks at the Warwick Arts Centre. Each clock tells the precisely same time, yet half of each clock is obscured. Why? No idea!

15 December 2007


I don't know what berries these are, but they've been in Tudor Grange Park, Solihull for the past few weeks.

14 December 2007

Wonky people only please

Photographed back in May, this seventeenth century building in Canterbury boasts a rather unusual door.

Urban field

Just a few metres away from this quiet looking farm is the Hollywood Bypass with cars constantly roaring past at seventy miles per hour.

13 December 2007

When in the 21st century, do as the Victorians did...

Hey, who needs holders?

I photographed this rather odd set-up at work where previously the holders had been used in the normal way. Ah well, can't beat good ol' string!


It's a goose!

Photographed at Tudor Grange Park, Solihull

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