17 January 2008

Last of the slam-doors

Slam-door train at Ipswich station


Suzanne said...

Very nice!

XO Suzanne

Robyn said...

What is a slam door? Hmmm...interesting that they call it a 'slam door' thats what I do when I am P.O.'d at hubby! :)

ShutterSpy said...

@Robyn: If you look closely at the doors, you can see the one that's open is sticking out into the platform like a normal door would when it is open. This is how all train doors used to be. Now they're mostaly all automatic/button operated sliding ones which are horrible and annoying and they only give you about twenty seconds to get in or out. This photo shows one of the last few slam-door trains. You don't need to slam them - they're just called that!

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