26 February 2008

Notice: requests

If anyone has any requests for photographs of certain subjects, then please post a comment on one of the photos or on the guestbook.

I can't guarantee a result, but I'll try.

Please keep requests reasonable - no requests for the Taj Mahal or the Amazonian rainforest! Requests such as 'an old Victorian building', 'a hamster in a wheel' or 'an abstract red and blue photograph' are fine.


lynn said...

Your photos are lovely, i like Sun Dried Washing. Got any beach shots?

xlq said...

One longcat please.

Robyn said...

LOL! Hmmm...a pic of a long windy road. a mailbox, someone looking through a window!

ShutterSpy said...

@xlq: A longcat?! O_o

@Robyn: I think you mean a 'winding' road! ;-D

ShutterSpy said...

@Lynn: It's unlikely, but I may be able to have a beach shot within about three months (if I get up the courage to drive on the motorway! - I've only had my car for two and a half weeks).

@xlq: I don't know of any longcats.

@Robyn: One picture request fulfilled. One post box (mailbox) should be on its way. Someone looking through a window. I'd have to find someone to stage that for me. I'll see what I can do. Give me a couple of weeks?

Any more requests? :-D

ShutterSpy said...

@Robyn: Sorry, forgot to mention - another picture request fulfilled (long winding road).

ShutterSpy said...

@Robyn: Another request fulfilled (well, partially for now) - 'Someone looking through the window'

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