15 March 2008


I prefer my photos to speak for themselves. I present them as they are and one can make of them what they will. I like looking at photos because they give me a sort of 'visual flavour'. ShutterSpy is supposed to be like a daily visual snack. It's supposed to be simple and easy. However, a few of my regulars have alerted me to the fact that they prefer to have a bit of description with each photo and, as any pub landlord will tell you, your regulars are important! So with this in mind, I will try to include a bit of writing with some of the photos. Not all of them, but I suppose adding a bit of description here and there won't hurt.

If anyone has any feeback about this or any other aspect of the blog, please let me know!



nope, no feed back. if i would have listened to what people said about my blog in the begining, i would have quit blogging. do as you wish and people will view and comment or not!! personaly a tid bit of info (exp:where, when ,why some techy shit about flash settings, iso, whatever is always nice when view someones work...) but thats just what i like looking at. like, when you go into a gallery with photography in it... anyway! always enjoy neww work! and "daily snack", love it.

ShutterSpy said...

Thanks a lot - that's really helpful :-D

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