17 March 2008

I'm being spied on!

Someone at work has been looking through ShutterSpy. I don't know who it is.

I'm being spied on! Argh!

Obviously it's okay, because they're on the internet for all to see, but it feels a bit odd all the same!



crazy huh, when people look at it and you dont know who they are... good luck!!! you might have outed them with this post! hmmm...

ShutterSpy said...

Yup. I mean, lots of people who I don't know have visited, but to have someone visit at my place of work and I'm pretty sure I know them, but don't know who it is of the people I know at work feels odd somehow. I don't really know why.

(Does that all even make sense? lol)


PERFECT SENSE... perhaps the woman in the lower photo?

ShutterSpy said...

Maybe. I have a feeling she would have said something though.

Maybe she just forgot...or maybe it wasn't her... :-S

Don't know.

Myabe all will become clear soon! :-D

kylie said...

know the feeling!
yesterday some one at work talked to me about the state of the cosmos and i thought it was a reference to a recent post "blogging is in retrograde" but i couldn't be sure. i didn't know whether to acknowledge it or treat it as any other comment. weird.
(and i just ignored it in the end, if someone wants to talk to me about my blog they can just talk)

I'm liking your comments, by the way, it's something concrete to connect with

ShutterSpy said...

Several of the people at work have looked at the blog. I'm not entirely sure how they got the URL.

Only one has said anything about it.

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