02 March 2008

Notice: Prints available to purchase

I am going to try allowing a small number of photographs to be purchased as prints/posters.

Where you see £$ under a photo, click on it to be taken to Lulu which is a print-on-demand service.

I have had a book printed by them before, but not photographs, so I can't guarantee the quality, although the delivery time is fast and the book was satisfactory.

I can't offer many photos for sale as either they are too small or the original files are on the broken computer.

Some photos without £$ under them may be available to purchase in a different way. Please post a comment somewhere and I will see what I can do. Photos that are too small to publish with Lulu can be ordered or printed by me, but you will need to arrange this with me privately (post a private entry on the guestbook).

Although I do earn a small percentage of the price, the photos you order on Lulu are not printed by me - the printing company processes your orders. I accept no responsibility for any problems caused by the company, should any arise.

Please note I retain full copyright of all photos.

Feedback on this idea (e.g. on the price or the general idea) is welcome - please post a comment below.

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