01 April 2008

Bark patterns

Both from the same tree, Stratford-Upon-Avon


Suzanne said...

You know what's so interesting? John captures trees in all their beauty from afar, and you capture them up close and personal. I love the way you both appreciate trees. I adore trees, so anyone who can photograph them with warmth and grace has my heart. Remarkable photos. Your work is just beautiful sweetie. Don't stop.


Leah said...

Yes, I love the intricacies you show in these close-ups. And I'm crazy for "Moored"--I'd love to see a painting based on that photo, although the photo itself has an incredible painterly quality already. Your blog is neat.



Amanda said...

Ah, I wish I knew enough about knitting to make this into a knitting pattern. It'd be Gorgeous!

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