25 April 2008


As requested by '54bomber!
BMMO D9 at Wythall Transport Museum.

Not to be confused with a Routemaster ('London' buses).

This is the bus seen in the photograph Bus Spotter.

This was built in 1965 and is shown here in Midland Red livery. It has recently had it's offside suspension unit replaced and is now going to have the same done on the nearside.

For more of my transport photos (including more of BHA 399C), please visit Hawke Transport Photography (which is also in the links listed at the side of this blog).


'54Bomber said...

Ooooh :) Thank you so very much :))
Thank you also for the info. I love it!! Much obliged .

Cheers & beers,

'54Bomber said...

May I pleas place this pic on my blog??
You will be acknowledged as the photographer.

ShutterSpy said...

Wow! Now there's a compliment! Someone wanting to use one of my photos! :-D

You may use it (and thanks for asking - someone recently stole two of my photos to illustrate two different articles on separate sites).

Thanks again :-D

(And I could do with some more visitors :-D )

'54Bomber said...

I will do it soon. I am thinking of using your photo in a Post about 'Photo Blogs'. (maybe) Hopefully I can direct more visitors to your cool blog.
Cheers & beers,

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