23 April 2008

Bus spotter

He's in his element. He's sitting on a 1965 BMMO D9 and he's so busy with his notes, he doesn't notice me photographing him.


Gail's Man said...

Perhaps he would if he was upstairs!

I'm surprised the flash didn't go off.

'54Bomber said...

Please, can I see a photo of that model bus??? Frustrated Anglophile.

ShutterSpy said...

I have more visitors! :-O

Welcome! :-D

@Gail's Man: Why would he have been more likely to notice me if he had been upstairs? How do you know there was an upstairs? ;)

The flash didn't go off because I set it so that it wouldn't.

@'54bomber: Yup, I'll post one soon! :-D

Thanks both :-D

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