22 April 2008

Floral layers

Carpet, rug, two cushions and a chair arm at my grandmother's house


Suzanne said...

I love textiles. Collect it like crazy glue! I love vintage textiles and these all look vintage. I went home a few years ago and was visiting my sisters house and saw she had a huge (and I mean HUGE) pile of gorgeous textiles sitting on one of here chairs, like art and I said "Laur, you love fabric too?" She said, "Yup, I think I'm addicted, just haven't transferred that pile to my textiles closet yet! God did we start to laugh.

What a beautiful collection of textures and colors.


ShutterSpy said...

Hehe :-D

There was another cushion on that chair with yet another floral pattern, but I decided there was enough for the photo :-D

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