26 April 2008


A photo I know Suzanne will love!

This kitten lives in our road and is up for sale. I hope he goes to a good home.


kylie said...

there should be a law against that kind of adorability !

Suzanne said...

I agree with Kylie! I hope he finds a beautiful, loving home. I'd take hime is a flash, but I seriously have no more room!


Great photo.

O.K., this is my 3rd word verification and I can't stop laughing. dlozl? Or dlazl? Or is is diozl? Damn. Why do they make it so hard? I'm going to go with dlozl, but now realize it could be cllozl. Let's all hope for the best. Seriously, I can't stop laughing. Is this a joke!?

Well, 4th times a charm! xmmxfal! That is pretty clear. See ya soon!

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