29 April 2008


Robin on an allotment near ours


babooshka said...


Self taught and still learning. Know what you mean about a wide angle for cityscapes, but a good crop and b&w work wonders.

I'm from Cradley Heath, way back, now that is drab. Even they produced a phtographer that was up for a Turner price,for his cradley work.

This robin is really nicely composed.Not hard to get birds.

Still love the Marston Green shot. Thta competes with anything i've seen on here.

ShutterSpy said...

With my camera it's hard to get birds because of the focus. It has apparently got full manual focus (adjusted electronically, not directly adjusting the lenses), but it only seems to work sometimes. It's probably just me.

I've never heard of Cradley Heath. Is it in North Birmingham?

I'm self-taught too.


ShutterSpy said...

(and still learning too!)

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