17 April 2008

What is it?

I thought this would be quite easy, but someone at work couldn't work it out. Here are two different photos of the same subject. See if you can guess what it is (no looking at the comments!).


Suzanne said...

Of course I know what it is! Your work is just beautiful honey. I haven't been here recently and it was wonderful to look through your work. You always amaze me.

Honey, it's Robyn's birthday (Wednesday), so if you have time, stop by the "Cafe" and leave her a message. I signed your name to the card I delivered. I know she adores you and would love to hear from you.

Hope all is well. We'll chat soon. Until then, big hug.

XO Suze


its an iron.... hahahahaa... suz knew what it was but didnt say... hmmm... things are looking good here. i like the different perspective thing you have going with this post. something very ordinary but shot differently... cool!

Suzanne said...

Hey I.V., women know what everything is from almost every perspective. Words barely need to be spoken! We've done enough ironing to know what a damn iron looks like! Also, as an architecture major I took something like 3 or 4 classes in perspective drawing. I learned objects from every angle. Nothing throws me. NOTHING! Well, okay, maybe one or two things. But that's all! You're such a little trouble maker.

It's still a great photo even on return #2!


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