17 June 2008

Ornament parade



Suzanne said...

Hi dear. Please forgive me for not being here in so long. Life has been wacky.

You're newest photos are beautiful. I especially love the Alpacas, the architecture, and lady bug amaze me. I'll try to stop by more often. I accidently deleted my blog roll, so getting here is not as easy as clicking on your name. I've gotta get it back up, but with so much to do around here, it's hard to find the time.

Love you and hope all is well.

Robyn said...

Love this photo! I have missed coming here!

Many hugs,

P.S. Come and stop by my blog and say hello!

ShutterSpy said...

Hello both!

I've been so busy lately, but I will try to carry on catching up with posting and visiting.

I have sooooo much catching up to do!

Great to see you both! :-D

Kookaburra said...


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