10 October 2008

'Glad Tidings III'

Seahouses Harbour, Northumberland


elena said...

=D ..nice picture.. it's nice that it's not colour =D

kylie said...

i lurk here quite a bit but dont say much so i guess it's a bit forward of me to ask, but would it be ok if i used one of your pics, with acknowledgement of course?
i think it's on birmingham daily photo, it's one of you savation army ones, with the flag?
i'm a salvationist and i started a blog about my church, the picture would really ad to the blog, which is mostly text so far.


ShutterSpy said...

Hello Kylie! Yes that's fine. Glad you like it. Sorry for short reply - I'm in hospital :(

kylie said...

oh, thats too bad, i hope it's nothing too serious
get well soon
and thanks

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