09 November 2008

Longstone Lighthouse

Longstone Island, Northumberland

This is the lighthouse from which Grace Darling and her father launched their small fishing coble to rescue the remaining members of the crew of the wrecked Forfarshire during a storm in 1838. It is an incredible story and well worth reading about.

Grace Darling was 22 years old when she risked her life in an open boat to help the survivors of the wrecked SS Forfarshire on 7 September 1838. With her father, she rowed for over a mile through raging seas to reach them. The courage that Grace and her family showed on that day is now legendary.
Source: http://www.rnli.org.uk/who_we_are/the_heritage_trust/grace_darling_museum

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If you ever have the chance to see the actual fishing coble which Grace had to keep still on the very rough sea, you realise how much strength, skill and courage she must have had. It is certainly very awe-inspiring.


Ann said...

Stunning shot, crisp clear and ruggedly wonderful. what beautiful scenery we have in the UK.

Suzanne said...

I'm going to read more. Fascinating story. Gorgeous photo. Grace is my kinda lady!!!

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