19 August 2009

Troops out of Afghanistan petition, Birmingham

Tables set out in Birmingham city centre's High Street for a 'Troops out of Afghanistan petition'.

Other literature, such as Workers' Power magazine, was also being distributed. Most people walked past, some signed the petition and a few pro-war members of the public stopped to shout abuse.

At the time of writing this, these photos are on the front page of demotix.com

Repaired photo

I managed to digitally repair this old photo:

...so that it looks like this:

Although it took about half an hour, it's still slightly rushed and it's not perfect but I'm pleased with the result.

17 August 2009

16 August 2009

Four friends

AJ trying on a yellow dress

Special thanks to AJ for letting me post this and the last two photos.

Coffee in Starbucks

Chocolate mangoes!

13 August 2009

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