26 September 2009

Inside The Mailbox

The shoppers came out two by two...

Purple escalator

The Mailbox

I spoiled this by cutting off the 'x' but I thought I would include it anyway

Entering The Mailbox

Steps to The Mailbox

Lady walking up steps near The Mailbox

Lady under coloured balloon lights outside The Mailbox

Windswept hair

Jake with blanket

Books and papers

Empty office building

Partially refurbished

Man waiting in empty Bullring open market

Blue forklift truck pallets

Security office


Tree growing from window of disused building

Birmingham city centre

Disused warehouses, Birmingham city centre

Street in Birmingham city centre

Reading on the bus

Tiny frog

New York and Paris come to the Bullring

Sorry I'm a bit late with these - I uploaded them to Demotix but forgot to post them here.

Photo shoot EJ

Sun through leaves

Sony Ericsson K530i on charge in leather case

Sony Ericsson K530i in leather case

DasÖrtliche lanyard

DasÖrtliche is the name of a German telephone directory.

Moth on white wall


Two men smoking outside pub, Kings Heath

Bullring open market stall

Mother and baby, Bullring open market

Sellers, Bullring open market

Seller, Bullring open market

Man looking at peppers in Bullring open market


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