26 February 2010

Hand cart in alley

KM by the Porta Nigra

KM in the Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra, Trier

KM with strip light

I took just two photos with the strip light before handing the camera to KM. Darn, I wish I'd taken more! Here is my utterly inferior result:

On the other side: Photo shoot SS #1

My friend took these but I thought I'd post them here. He's teaching himself some photography with just a couple of hints from me. Here are some particularly good photos of his. In fact these are so good they couldn't be better and I'm jealous! The only credit I can take is that I had the idea of using the light...

Photo shoot KM #1

Stahlwerk Discothek

A man and his car

Peugeot 406 estate

Neunkircher Stahl

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